Monday, November 14, 2005

Big Tings Soon Come

OK – It’s been more than a bit quiet around here – so apologies for that. We have a smorgasbord of delectable aural treats coming your way very soon, but whilst we put the finishing touches on a few mixes, I though it might be nice to spread the love…

I got turned on to DJ Flacks excellent 'Blue beats for Longing' depressed Instrumental hip-hop mix over at Kid Kameleon’s friendly abode – and Id heartily recommended you to do the same. Flack’s solid and swift mixing skilfully manages to avoid that ‘yawn’ factor common with instrumental mixes, and he drops a good few classics as well… ‘Roll like a Thunder’ comes courtesy of a John Eden big up, and is one of the better reggae mixes doing the rounds at the mo. Pure 80’s business – the tunes on this one are irresistible – its worth getting for ‘Gundelero’ by Mad Cobra on the ‘Storm’ riddim alone - though theres also a very nice ‘Hot Milk’ selection, featuring the sublime ‘Hundred-weight of Collie Weed’ by the sweet voiced Carlton Livingstone…

A more up to date dancehall mix over at the mix sub-forum at Dissensus ‘Street Level Sound’ – which definitely merits a listen – is chock full of sirens, effects, shout outs and a killer Sleng Teng selection about halfway through. Speaking of reggae – John Edens mini- biography of Papa Levi is a must for anyone unfamiliar with the UK scene, and as a bonus - hes recently uploaded a few Saxon Sound snippets of Levi in action for your enjoyment.

Despite seemingly taking a break from her daily deluge of Rinse FM sets Lioness has thankfully uploaded her most recent show for those of us who are suffering from chronic grime deficiency (and still awaiting delivery of a copy of the coveted Rinse FM box set). Get over there fast before it vanishes. Whislt dubstep and grime seem to have ground to a halt (with the associated blogs doing the same) Gutterbreakz is still churning out the posts on his site, and his most recent ‘Gutterbreakz FM November’ mix is good for a laugh. Unlike ourselves, Gutterbreakz doesn’t take the mixing end of things too seriously, so theres a few trainwrecks here – but the great tunes - and his entertaining commentary more than make up for it…

Last up – a couple of gigs to plug – ‘Eek A Mouse’ is (apparantly) still playing his Irish dates this weekend, despite being denied a UK visa. Anyone know definitively what the score is with this? Its supposedly on in the Temple Bar Music Centre on Friday night, and I’m vaccilating between excitement and frustration as I still don’t for sure if hes playing. If you have any new info – please leave a comment or mail me

Last but not least is ‘Electric Kettle’ from Peace Off records, who's playing live this Friday alongside Irish boys: Lakker and DJ Krossphader courtesy of the 'Leechrum' lads. I have to confess to being completely unfamiliar with this guy (out of touch with the ‘kids’ no doubt), but if hes anything like his labelmates it should be a fairly hectic night. This ones on at the old 13th floor – the Basement of Fraziers at the north end of O’Connell St.


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