Friday, February 03, 2006

Best Laid Plans

A very belated New Years to all readers! A month is a long time in the world of semi-legal internet mixing, and theres been a host of worthwhile mixes in a variety of genres since Christmas worth checking out. The Breezeblock Dubstep Wars might be news to a few cave dwelling hermits - but if for some reason you havent had a listen, be sure to download. Computer Style has produced another nice old skool dancehall mix, and Wayne and Wax has come up with an excellent computer assisted Reggaeton mix, that draws a distinct thread from the dancehall rhythm that inspires much of the genre's output, and ekes out some of the more interesting tracks... probably the first selection Ive heard that inspired a desire to actually own some of these tunes. Last but not least is Paul Memes' 'Jungle got Dub' mix over at Grevious Angel. You need to email Paul to get a link, but If you throw a few quid in my direction Ill happily send it on! ;)

Things have been less then productive round here over the Christmas break, but our resevoir of mixes has barely been tapped, and theres a few things in the In-box awaiting artwork and commentary. We're also working on several longer term projects including sequels to Droid Inna Dancehall and Sovereign Rhythms, a new series of hardcore and jungle sets with 'archive quality mixing' (my new favourite blit of blurb), a series of electronica mixes, another series of reggae mixes, various other new projects (wrapping one up as I type), and possibly a few ancient treasures that we've dredged up from the depths of the 90s. So - I cant promise anything, but hopefully you'll see some of this stuff very soon indeed...


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