Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Droid + Slug - SC: Podcast 4 - Shwantology

This is just a quickie to let you know about a new mix that myself and Slug wrapped up (in record time) at the start of the month. As I'd signed us both up to take part in the Subvert Central Podcasts before Christmas, and, as we usually take a few months to get a mix together from scratch - we decided to do something totally different, and go for an almost entirely improvised ambient, electronic, avant garde and orchestral set... those of you who dont know what Shwantology is better bone up! Its a combination of the somewhat vague term 'Hauntology' and the little known slang (outside Dublin Jungle circles) 'Shwantification'...

As some of you may know, we're not massively into computer mixing - so this was recorded live, simultaneously on 3 decks and 2 CDJ's... we weren't 100% happy with the final product, but we didnt have time to do a second take together, so I overdubbed about 11 tunes onto it (also live) after it was done... I'll have loads more info on the tunes and how the set was made (plus a few photos) up here within the next week or so, and I'll probably throw a slightly higher quality MP3 of this up here in the near future as well...

But for now, just lie back and enjoy...

Droid + Slug SC: Podcast 4 - Shwantology Mix (Link to Podcast)

1. Brian Eno - Brian Eno Speaks - Editions EG (Sonora Portraits LP)
2. Aphex Twin - Blue Calyx - Warp (Selected Ambient Works 2 LP)
3. Alarm Will Sound - Blue Calyx - Cantaloupe (Alarm Will Sound performs Aphex Twin LP)
4. Brian Eno - Sparrowfall 1 - Editions EG (Music for Films LP)
5. Seymour|Van Hoen -Tema - Leaf (Invisible Soundtracks 2 EP)
6. Brian Eno - Sparrowfall 2 - Editions EG (Music for Films LP)
7. Seefeel - E-Hix2 - Rephlex (Chi-Vox LP)
8. Daniel Figgis - Alison Creaking - Rough Trade (Skipper LP)
9. Dust Devil - Blood - Blood (Blood EP)
10. Brian Eno - Lanzarote - Opal (The Shutov Assembly LP)
11. Zrs - Wuhan: Dynamoelectric Frog - SoundTransit Field Recordings
12. Autechre - To Day Retreival - Thrill Jockey (Tortoise/Autechre EP)
13. Nick Miller - New York: Walk in Central Park West - SoundTransit Field Recordings
14. Brian Eno - Discreet Music - Editions EG (Discreet Music LP)
15. Kopernik - The Sea and the Marsh are One - Eastern Developments (Kopernik LP)
16. Queen - The Ring (Hypnotic Seduction of Dale) -Elektra Asylum (Flash Gordon O.S.T.)
17. Sean O'Neill - Vientiane: Night Sounds, Bats, Crickets - SoundTransit Field Recordings
18. Biosphere - Startoucher - Apollo (Patashnik LP)
19. Godflesh - Pure II - Earache (Pure LP)
20. Tim Hecker - Arctic Loner's Rock - Substractif (Haunt Me, Haunt Me, Do it Again LP)
21. Oval - Do While (Christian Vogel Remix) - Diskont (Do While EP)
22. Hex - Shiny - Ninjatunes (Digital love EP)
23. Derek Holzer - Mooste: Walk in the Rain - SoundTransit Field Recordings
24. Ennio Morricone - Contamination - Varese (The Thing O.S.T.)
25. Brian Eno - Innocenti - Opal (The Shutov Assembly LP)
26. Tim Hecker - Untitled (5) - Substractif (Haunt Me, Haunt Me, Do it Again LP)
27. Seefeel - Me01 - Rephlex (Succour LP)
28. Brian Eno - Events in Dense Fog - Editions EG (Music for Films LP)
29. Goblin - Monster Child - Cinevox (Phenomena O.S.T.)
30. Eno - Kites II - Opal (Kite Stories LP)
31. Aphex Twin - Side D Track 2 - Warp (Selected Ambient Works 2 LP)
32. Joe Meek and The Blue Men - Glob Waterfall - RPM (I Hear a New World LP)
33. Vangelis - Deserters - OWM Bootleg (The Bounty O.S.T).
34. Krzysztof Penderecki - Psalmus - Phillips (Prospective 21e Siecle LP)
35. Future Sound Of London - Dirty Shadows - EBV (I.S.D.N. LP)
36. Aphex Twin - Side E Track 2 - Warp (Selected Ambient Works 2 LP)
37. Being - Cue - Leaf (Invisible Soundtracks 1 EP)
38. Deasy – Haul (Ambient mix) - The Fear (Unreleased)
39. David Bowie/Brian Eno - Moss Garden - RCA (Heroes LP)
40. Reza Tahami - Manjil Wood: River and Insects - SoundTransit Field Recordings
41. Michael Brook/Brian Eno/Daniel Lanois - Mimosa - Editions EG (Hybrid LP)
42. Autechre - VLetrmx - Warp (Garbage EP)
43. Brian Eno - Unfamiliar Wind (Leeks Hills) - Editions EG (On Land LP)
44. Tim Hecker - Untitled (6) - Substractif (Haunt Me, Haunt Me, Do it Again LP)
45. Christophe Havard - St Nazaire: Man with a Broom - SoundTransit Field Recordings
46. Howie B - Music For Babies - Polydor (Music for Babies LP)
47. Jon Hassell/Brian Eno - These Times - Editions EG (Fourth World Possible Musics Vol. 2: Dream Theory in Malaya LP)
48. Hex - Surf - Ninjatunes (Digital Love EP)
49. Harold Budd/Brian Eno - Lost in the Humming Air - Editions EG (The Pearl LP)
50. Bedouin Ascent - If Mountains Could Sing - Leaf (Invisible Soundtracks 2 EP)
51. Gyorgy Ligeti - Requiem for Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, Two Mixed Choirs and Orchestra - MGM/Polydor (2001 O.S.T.)
52. Eddie Newmark - Serenity: The Silent Surf - Audio Fidelity (Ambience: An Adventure in Environmental Sound LP)
53. Craig Safan - Joey’s Wet Dream - Varese (Nightmare on Elm Street 4 O.S.T.)
54. Deasy - St Theresa - The Fear (Unreleased)


Anonymous Don Rosco said...

Good work chaps!

2:24 AM  
Blogger Culla said...

That mix is a bit special; it's just got me through a slow hour in the office; mixing seems to work well too, 'phasing' the mix and bringing in different moods

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Don Rosco said...

When's the high quality one going up?

6:32 PM  
Blogger droid said...

When the next Podcast comes out. Dont want to steal SC's thunder now do I? ;)

6:42 PM  
Blogger kek-w said...

Beaumont Hannant: bloody hell, that takes me back...

Nice blog, btw...

6:24 PM  
Anonymous don rosco said...

Alright, the next one's out. Get busy!!

3:39 AM  
Blogger droid said...

LOL.. If you want it so much Rosco - I couldve just met you and given you a CD!

Been working on Fridays gig for the last couple of weeks. Ill hopefully have time to write something over the weekend/early next week.

Text me if you want me to bring an uncompressed verison on CD along for ya tomorrow night...

10:56 AM  
Blogger cocklesby said...

I wouyld also like to get my hands on a higher quality version

11:19 AM  
Blogger droid said...

Theres a link pon this thread cockers.

Havent got round to the full write up yet though – too busy working on vol 2..

11:56 AM  

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