Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Heavy Linkage

Im drowning in web audio at the moment... tons of great mixes and LPs to be had online right now. First up, Irish producer Decal has a download only LP up on his site - 8 tracks of 320kbps electro goodness free of charge! Second is this collection of vintage UK TV themes courtesy of Doppelganger - theres a few WAV's in there for the sample hunters! Third is this stupid amount of D+B, breaks and Dubstep/Grime mp3s. I even see a link to a video of an Aphex Twin gig in Dublin 2001 that myself and Slug played at - but what you should be really after is the fine selection of Grime mixtapes and live sets on there... Demon, D Double, Pay as you Go, Tinie Tempa, Mr Wong, Ruff Squad, Roll Deep, Fire Camp, Jammer, Aftershock - the new Wiley LP is even up there... cant say I approve of such blatant link harvesting, but still, If you get a guilty conscience, you can always go the legit route with the excellent Barefiles...

A proper site this time, the excellent blog Permanent condition, which I admit sucked me in becuase of its great selection of African Music Mp3s, but the writing is top notch as well, also on the African theme we have Matsuli Music - not so heavy on the audio, but plenty of knowledge, and The Hiplife complex, which focuses on continuing musical developments in Ghana with some choice Mp3s...

I think I have some mixes in the bag here as well... ah yes - Eden and Meme's Fast Chat mix is now available for download, and in case you didnt know, its an essential selection of this obscure strain of UK dancehall - you just
dont find these kinda tunes online, so make sure to drop Paul an email and get a copy. This lad, had an excellent digital dancehall mix up last week, but his site is suspended at the moment - be worth checking in the future or dropping him a line - top quality Firehouse Revolution sounds, and last but not least, a bit more Old Skool mixage, this time from upcoming producer, Aerial Cru's Rickyforce of 'Beat Suite' fame. Find it at the revamped Irish Drum and Bass.

Im sure theres more, but that lot should keep you busy till next time!


Blogger doppelganger said...

Hey, for the motherlode of TV feem choons hit themes on this page: http://tv.cream.org/

10:23 PM  
Blogger droid said...

Cheers Dop! Ill have to ravage the audio on that site as well so...

10:12 AM  
Blogger dub.com said...

Cheers for the links - big up to the weareie posse from the dub.com crew

6:28 AM  
Anonymous dbmnk said...

hey droid, nice blog you guys have here.

thank you for linking our mixtape, much appreciated, and it's great you like it.
the mix is online again and can be found at our webpage www.firehousesound.dk - more userfriendly interface is under construction. /keep skanking

1:36 PM  

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