Thursday, June 15, 2006


Believe it or not, this isnt an uber-ironic pisstake, but rather the latest accessory for the I-pod. I'm not quite down with their stance, but Im sure the 'mp3 players devalue music' brigade will have plenty to say about it... If nothing else, I fear that it may be a less than enticing piece of kit after being covered in invisible airborne fecal matter for several months... Shouts to Skelly from Irish d+b for the heads up.

The Beckett gig last night went reasonably well, it was well recieved at last, which is half the battle. Tech problems meant we had trouble hearing anything most of the time, which was less than ideal to say the least. Im working on something else at the moment, but there'll probably be a review of the night up in the next couple of weeks. One thing I will say though - after 10 or so years of Djng, there's been plenty of strange interactions with our audiences, but we've never had the cultural attache of the French Embassy big us up after a set - so it was probably worth it just for that!


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