Thursday, August 24, 2006

Weare(penomenom)1e continued

More birthday joy to share with you today. A little something that I culled from the DHR boards not long ago, and just had to spread the love. A nice mini-documentary about Daddy Freddy and his appearance on record breakers back in 'the day', going for the 'World's fastest rapper' title.

Theres loads of great footage in there, and I think I might actually have seen
this at the time, as its certainly from the era when I would have been watching - have to say though, when I encountered Daddy Freddy again through his mid-90's collaboration with ragga-junglist Marvellous Cain, I had completely forgotten this ever happened - or in fact that he even existed! All I need now is that Fast Chat competition that was shown on 'The Word' in the early 90s and Ill be a happy robot!

Needless to say, he ranks amongst my favourite MC's now amongst the likes of Major Mackerel, Ninjaman, Admiral Bailey and the Saxon fast chatters - maybe someone out there with a good knowledge of the UK soundsystem era could provide some more info on him?

Heres the vid - reasonable quality Windows Media Video - 24mb.



Blogger John Eden said...

oh mi gosh! Legendary footage you got there mate! Not too much to add to what he said in the clip really - his Fashion 12" Baba Loo Baba La Baba Loo Baba Laba (Them No Bad Like Me) is wicked (as is probably the other stuff on Fashion). is pretty good...

don't forget the collab with Rootsman/The Bug...

8:15 PM  
Blogger adam said...

what a lovely, well spoken young chap he was! great vid.

3:36 AM  

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