Monday, January 22, 2007

Blogariddims 14 / Norwegian postpunk 1979-1985.

A little late this time round, but you can now find Halvorsen's Norwegian Post-punk episode of Blogariddims at his blog, or you can view and subscribe to the entire cast here.
"A bit of personal journey back in time this time around. While the last mix was heavily layered, this is more of a sequence of tracks from the Norwegian punk/postpunk period. I started out with a list of around 50 tracks, but soon found that to be too much to cram into an hour, so I’ve focused on what is generally accepted as the big four bands of the period: De Press (and Andreij Nebb’s later band Holy Toy), The Aller Værste (“The Absolute Worst”), Kjøtt (“Meat”) (and Helge Gaarder’s experimental side Hiss) and The Cut."
Episode 15 will be winging it's way to you on Monday the 5th of February - and its (as always) a good 'un.


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