Monday, February 19, 2007

Virtual Soundclash

Tension in the ranks as the the venerable John Eden and Paul Meme line up across the barricades for a virtual soundclash this coming Friday - featuring the 'Answer/Never let go' riddim exclusively. Things are already getting a bit nasty as the pre-clash banter is ratched up in the comments boxes. Expect blood, tears and gun-hands galore when this one hits.

Admission is free. Though youll have to be a resident of dodgy old Dissensus to vote - which counts me out (well thats my excuse for not dividing loyalties anyhow). If you like a bit of a flutter BTI has all the odds and is taking bets from all comers.

Good luck to both. Though might I add that no matter the outcome, they're both pussyclaat tinpan sounds, an The Fear sound woulda mash dem dun inna clash! ;)


Blogger antrophe said...

Hey, fantastic stuff. I hadn't really cottoned onto the point of this blogriddims craic until reading through this post. Fair play, I've got some backwards listening to do now.

9:02 PM  

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