Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Blogariddims 17 / Tons of Boxes

Blogariddims 17 hit the streets on Monday with Paul Meme bouncing back from his seeming defeat (but the jury's still out!) at the hands of the vicious John Eden (in the recent virtual soundclash) with a mix of classic dub and roots tunes. After a slow start it looks like reggae/dancehall is becoming a dominant force in this podcast, and with selections of this quality, what's there to complain about? Paul's having trouble with his blog, but you can find his notes here.
This month I've done the 17th mix for the mighty Blogaridims podcast series. It's a load of my favourite dub, roots and dancehall tunes, done "live" on decks and dubbed up using an Access Virus synth as an FX box. I inflicted some serious damage on a few of these tunes with that.

I originally did it back in late 2001 or early 2002, a few months after moving back up to Sheffield from London, and while experiencing withdrawl symptoms from not having seen Shaka for a while. It's a heavy mix - 20 minutes of hard dub followed by an increasing amount of vocals (leavened with some out-there FX), melting into sweet soul reggae and a couple of classics, before dissolving into cold, painful dub.
Stay tuned for more - in just over 10 days time. I you don't know how to get this yet, you really havent being paying attention. Scroll down the page a bit and all your wildest podcast-related dreams will be fulfilled!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is such a great mix!!

thanks for this one!w

6:12 PM  
Anonymous Irish Music with Jonathan Ramsey said...

This is some sweet stuff. I think these last few entries prove you've mislabeled yourself with "malaise" and "irrelevancies".

Cheers and all my best!

3:24 PM  

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