Friday, March 16, 2007

Mixalogical linkage

A quick note of warning, its St. Patricks day this weekend and a bank holiday here on Monday (gives us time to sweep the mountains of vomit, beer cans, blood, piss and novelty hats off the streets), so its possible that because of the chaos next weeks Blogariddims will be a day late(!) I'll update you all on Monday either way.

In the meantime, heres a selection of mixes that have been going around for the past 3 weeks or so, a list which expands more and more the longer I put off posting it:


Gutterbreaks makes another slight return with his UK pressure mix, which can be found here. Very nice selection of early 90's UK Techno/Rave type sounds and a touch of bleep n'bass, including The Scientist's seminal 'The Bee' amongst other classics. Some pretty tight mixing as well.

More of the same please Nick!

Rolldabeats come again with part 2 of their 'Decade in the Mix' series, mixed by Haste. Now I have to say, Phokus and Haste get a lot of respect around here as old school historians due to their brilliant site, and vol 1 of this series was very promising indeed - but - Im slightly disappointed with this one. Its a solid selection and flows nicely, but the mixing isnt really as tight as it could be, and theres a few clangers in there. That said, it was recorded live, and its still waaay better than 99% of the old school mixes youre likely to find online.


Tasty new Vex'd mix posted over at SC by Safetyboy - for those of you who like your dubstep with a bit more variety. Theres another great dubstep mix in a similar vein doing the rounds right now, which Im saving for a slightly more substantial post...

Hip Hop/Reggae

Another Safetyboy find - a selection of
DJ Mek (Irish Hip Hop/Scratching legend) mixes. They all have something going for them, but check out the tracklisting on this one:

Radio mix - Broadcast : Friday 5th August '05

D.J. Mek - Look out he's Irish
Ian Brown - F.E.A.R. (unkle remix)
Ice T, Dave Storrs, The Glove - Tibetan Jam
Egyptian Lover - Egypt, Egypt
Sheila B. Devotion - Spacer
Landscape - Einstein a go-go
The Jam - Precious
The Clash - Rock the Casbah
Visage - Pleasure boys
Demon Boyz - Dett
Asher Senator - Fast Style Origination
Smiley Culture - Shan a Shan
Papa Face and Bionic Rhona - pon the Street (dub)
Papa Levi - '84-tion
Gregory Isaacs - Mind yu Diss
Shinehead - Know how fe chat
Jah Shaka - Dub Symphony
Rankin' Roger - Mono gone to stereo

The second half of the set is a selection of vintage UK fast chat! Mek doesnt do anything fancy with them - but its a joy to hear the simple scratch techniques he uses to segue and cut between tunes. Eye opening stuff.

BMC's reggae podcasts have been going for quite a while now, featuring a healthy mix of themed foundation mixes, hyped bashment and contemporary roots tunes. Probably one of the most well rounded and frequently updated reggae cast around. Point your mousefingers over here to start the ball rolling.

Matt B's 'Rejoice Jah Jah Children' mix - a sprightly selection of new and old roots sounds. great to hear 'Thief a man' mixed up with its junglist inspiring little brother - though I admit to being a bit peeved that Matt got round to it before me!!


Video and audio of the clash that sparked the most recent scandal in this volatile scene can be found here. Are Soundtroopers Dubs racist? Will Kartel do anything for money? Was Blunt asking for it by trying to counteract Troopers Kartel dubs?. Watch/listen and judge for yourself.

Other good downloads include this Saxon soundclash video from 94, this audio from 'Wha Dat' sound with chatting from Pap San, Brigader, Charlie Chaplin and Redrose. An excerpt from reggae sunsplash '89 featuring Ninjaman and Admiral Bailey, and this live set recorded in Negril in '87 with Tiger and General Trees on the mic.

*Edit* How could I forget this? Easy skanking video business from foundation sound Blackstar alongside various MC's. Footage of the dance is hilariously interspersed with shots of frumpy white people following the well worn JA tourist trails. Great stuff. Get it here.

Im not going to make a habit of linking to soundclashes, cos If I did it would soon become a full-time job! If your into this stuff, just register at DHR and you'll find plenty to keep your ears occupied.

More mix link-ups soon. If your still hungry for some fresh sounds, check out Wayne's recent guide to crucial podcasts, and hopefully your aural appetites will be fully sated...


Blogger Matt Vinyl said...

this is a bleedin great thing you have going here droid. I only found out about your antics when i read the ticket last week. keep it up


9:48 PM  
Blogger droid said...

Nice one! Surprised to see that mention myself... Like the blog btw. When this place gets refurbished Itll be my pleasure to add you to the sidebar.

2:33 PM  

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