Sunday, April 08, 2007

Wii-ve of the Future

Something Ive been meaning to link to for a while is this interesting development in DIY mixing technology (looks like even 'The Gadget Show' beat me to it!). Wii-J uses the cheap and accessible wireless controllers of Nintendos Wii console to control to control Djng software running on a PC - plus its all freeware and downloadable! Have a look at the videos to see the potential of this burgeoning system.

Another musical Wii application here -
The Wii Loop Machine. This time the controller is being used to play loops in a sequencer rather than tracks in a DJ set.

You might say that this is all just bells and whistles, but even a DJng Luddite like myself can see the potential here - anything that allows 'hands on' control of tunes and gives more flexibility for live performance (and doesnt cost a fortune) is to be welcomed. Im tempted to give it a go myself - but I really dont think Id have the time to do it justice...


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