Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blogariddims 22 / Disintergrations

Epsiode 22 comes from that most distinguished of blogamuffins - the esteemed Tim Rambler. Tim has a real pedigree when it comes to classical and modern music, as any reader of his blog will know, and as the rest of the series has been (mostly) populated by dubstep dads, 'nuum-skulls, dancehall dilettantes, jungle geriatrics, electronic egomaniacs and other sundry chancers and lollygiggers*, its a real pleasure to have him back for another go:
There are strange links between Japanese traditional music and the European avant-garde, and I began sketching out a preliminary tracklist for a mix that would draw out some of these connections. Ultimately the most important connection is a particular sense of time: as the modern musical movement abandoned traditional notions of harmony, melody and rhythm, so the experience of time as something non-linear, cyclical and complex drew closer to some Asian concepts. Composers intermittently made such connections explicit through the 20th century by drawing heavily on Japanese and other oriental inspirations (Messiaen, Cage), but their discoveries had ramifications for the music of others who were not so heavily engaged with Eastern philosophies.
I've had this on rotation for the last month or so, and its another stonker. Those of you who think you dont like avant garde or modern classical music should download this now - theres some real tension sparking through this set - all due to some great selection and sequencing from Tim.

* Before anyone takes offence - these pejoratives refer mainly to the inhabitants of this sordid den!


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