Thursday, May 24, 2007

Identity Tussles

Rumours abound about this latest release from Rephlex. Is it Aphex? Is it Vibert using Aphex's kit? is it a Cornish acid collaboration?

Well - who cares really? The important thing is that its great! Picked it up yesterday, and after a fairly swift listen last night I can attest to its quality. The A side (at least I think its the A side) is a 45 RPM acid mash up very reminiscent of AFX's 1998 Helston Flora remix of Baby Ford's 'Normal'. The B side features 2 more sedate tunes that sound a bit like the Analord material crossed with the Railway Raver. Regardless of the hype, this ones a winner from (still) one of the consistently solid and most diverse labels out there.

I eagerly await the upcoming LP. And so should you.


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