Friday, May 18, 2007


I'm a big fan of lyric FM. In the desolate wasteland that is Dublin's FM band, its ironic that the most diverse station out there is one aimed at the 'older' generation and dedicated ostensibly to classical music. I used to listen to Lyric when it shared a frequency with Raidió na Gaeltachta, coming on late at night and ending early in the morning. Since their expansion to full time broadcasting a few years back, their repertoire has also expanded, and you can now tune in at any time and hear some obscure Folk music and Electronica or Avant garde alongside the more everyday symphonic material you might be expecting.

One show in particular worth checking out is Bernard Clarke's Nova segment, which is broadcast in our old Power FM slot of 8-10pm on Sunday evenings:
Presented by Bernard Clarke. Nova is about new composers, new trends, new listening habits, new music formats and new audiences. All new music here and now, chronicling what's radical and what's conservative, who's established and who's in the avant garde. A blend of contemporary classical, electronic, experimental and more. Featuring composer interviews/profiles, Irish works, and concerts from home and abroad.
Check it out. His last show was an excellent WARP special, and it's always interesting to hear analysis of electronic music from a classical perspective. you can listen to it via the link on the right hand side of the page. Its a pretty shit Realplayer stream, but it's just about listenable to. Unfortunately the earlier shows aren't being archived, so if you enjoy this episode, Id recommend you email Lyric and ask them to add it to their (fairly slim) selection of podcasts.

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