Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Calling all Electronic Engineers

Heres a mixer design (click on the image for a big version) I did 2 - maybe 3 years back after seeking in vain for a decent 5 channel mixer with all the features I wanted (kill switches/good EQ's/'pre' sends and returns/XLR and 1/4 jack outs etc...). While I was at it I decided to make the dream mixer for anyone who DJs as part of a duo - hence the console is split in half, with a standard 4 channel mixer on each side and then another 2 channel mixer in the middle with a cross fader that mixes between each DJs output.

Of course it never got made - I chatted to a few people about it, but didnt really push it, and then it became less feasible as the money i'd put aside for it drained away. So - if there's anyone out there who thinks they can make this badboy - leave a comment or get in touch...


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