Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hip-hop history mixes 79-99

Usually this kinda thing doesn't float my boat, but Ive been blown away by these mixes from The Rub since someone posted a link to them on SC. Obviously I'm most endeared to the early 90's stuff - shit that gives that warm nostalgic buzz as I was listening to it at the time. Plus - like dancehall from the same period, theres all those moments of semi-recognition when you hear some of the many samples that ended up in jungle tunes... These days its easy to forget how incredibly vital hip-hop was back then. The sheer variety of styles and content (in both production and vocals), and the accompanying perception of seemingly endless creativity rivals dancehall's frenetic pace of creation and innovation... The mixing also does the tunes justice - straightforward scratch business with simple segues between tunes with the odd bit of beat juggling.

Even if you think you dont like hip-hop - go
here and download, you won't regret it.


Anonymous Karl said...

Subscribed to the podcast for this. Been listening a lot and getting the excact same vibes.

1:03 PM  

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