Monday, April 21, 2008

Enos' Expanding Asses

Whilst browsing in vain for a promised FACT review of the Naphta LP, I stumbled across Kek-W's 'History of Ambient' articles:
Now, as always, there are details to grumble about, but all in all its a pretty solid primer, and to be honest, if I was asked to write a history of ambient in just a few thousand words I would probably fail miserably. One thing that does wreck my head slightly about FACT is the haphazard emboldening of random sentences... gives a very tabloid feel to the articles (though I imagine thats an editorial style more than anything else).

Also found this Brian Eno cartoon that everyone has probably seen already since its been around for about 10 years (click to enlarge):

And last but certainly not least - more Eno trivia, this time of a momentously scandalous nature.

Slug mentioned this to me last year when we were out one night and it's utterly tainted my view of the mans work. I, (like many others no doubt) have always pictured Eno as being the epitome of calm contemplation in the studio, bathed in white light as he patiently ekes out minimal aleatoric masterpieces whilst drinking organic green tea... perhaps with pristine Asian women fanning him with giant palm leaves to prevent even a single drop of sweat falling from his unnaturally smooth brow.

But no. According to his published diary 'A year with Swollen Appendicies' Eno spends his time in the studio EXPANDING WOMEN'S ASSES in Photoshop. The exact quote (from Page 4 - January 2nd) is:
"created some novel pornography in Photoshop - modifying back views of women to expand their bottoms to cosmic proportions"
So the next time your marveling at the 'Stark minimalism' of 'On Land', or find your self hypnotised by the 'repetitive piano tinkling and synth washes' of 'Music for airports', just think about Eno in the studio, hitting play on one machine, record on the other, and expanding those asses like there was no tomorrow...


Blogger Colz said...

ha ha! thats all i can say. the image will sta with me forever

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