Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blogariddims 41 / Sub Threshold

This came out last week - only a couple of days late for a change! It's back to the standard sized Blogariddims with this tasty little dubstep/electronica/techno/reggae set from Owen Howard, whose mixes I first stumbled across last May.
The mix covers some angles of my DJing/listening habits, with somewhat of an emphasis of dubstep, but also propped up with bits and pieces that verge on that territory, while remaining pleasantly immune to convenient pigeon-holing While its not exactly a enourmous in its breadth, hopefully it covers a bit of ground, I get bored either playing or listening to 20 tracks in a row linked by nothing more than the fact that they all came from the same section in the record shop. For me, it was hearing dubstep in a similar context to this that really made it click for me initially, most notably through a few mixes by El Kano and the Gutterbreakz radio series (RIP), taking in techno, electro, breaks and various mangled electronics in addition to dubstep.
Full notes can be found here (our first Blogariddims link to a myspace blog believe it or not!).


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