Friday, May 09, 2008

Executive Decisions

This is a quick note to introduce the newest member of weareie - Executive Steve. Some of you will know him from various forums as 'Tyranny', and regular readers might recognise him from the Slick DJ Naphta interview that was posted here a while back. Steve is a great writer, and is far more up to date with new music than the rest of the willfully ignorant and decrepit archivists that reside here (including myself). I hear that he actually leaves his house to go to gigs and stuff as well! So he should bring a bit of freshness to these increasingly anachronistic pages, and as an executive I expect him to have those two other wasters whipped into shape in no-time!


Blogger safetyboy said...

Biggles steveworth

2:47 PM  
Blogger Executive Steve said...

Biggles indeed, as i said already, i feel humbled to be asked to contribute, and look forward to dispelling the dogged rumours of bone-idleness that surround me like a misty veil


3:05 PM  

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