Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wiley Cancels Irish Gig

And people wonder why Grime doesn't achieve outside the UK... From Johnny I on IDNB
Unfortunately this gig has been cancelled. We'd like to say as a result of something that was beyond everyone's control, but this isn't the case. Essentially, Wiley went back on his deal in an attempt to extract more money, this made the gig unviable and there's nothing we can do.

This is a real disappointment, it highlights some of the short-sightedness and parochialism which jealously keeps grime attached to certain UK urban centres....

...He found an out in the contract and leapt, little more than 2 weeks before the gig, with the posters printed and some of them up.

But of course he's in the top 5 now, so what does he need with us Irish punters?
I like the change in the listing, though I think they're being a bit hard on him. He probably just got scared when he heard that there's still a large population of foxes over here.


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