Friday, September 05, 2008

Gully Creeping

Now, obviously, Ive missed the boat on the whole Usain Bolt/dancehall hype, both Wayne and Prancehall have covered it already - for those of you who blinked though, its all about the dances Bolt did during his various celebrations - the Nuh Linga, which now has a version dedicated especially to him (the first of many no doubt), the Gully Creepa (see below), and now, a new dance named after him - 'The Lightning Bolt' (which may or may not be the same dance as the Gully Bolt):

It's all about the Gully Creepa though. One of the coolest and strangest dances Ive seen in ages. The Creppa riddim (produced by Sean Reid, or 'Seanizzle') sounds like an update of something from a few years back but I cant quite place it. Those rolling snares and hi-hats are matched perfectly by the smooth shambling movements of the dance - and theres a few shots in the video of Ellie and crew stalking down the gullys (huge drainage ditches in Kingston that often separate garrisons) which, if you have even an inkling of the murderous history of the city, bring to mind situations that are far more chilling than any amount of Halloween make up.

Anyway. Great stuff. Looks like Im gonna have to buy this one and learn the steps:


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