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Theme From Blogariddims (Adieu)

You should have come to this post via DJ Flacks section of this episode. if you didn't, go there now, go there now, or if you're totally confused, go all the way back to the start and continue from there...

We end this selection and the podcast with Slug's 'Theme from Blogariddims'. it seemed apt to end with something from Slug, as not only has he contributed 18%(!) of all the mixes in Blogariddims, he also produced the jingle, ran the cast whilst I was away, did a lot of audio clean-ups and tweaking on various episodes, and basically provided invaluable support throughout the whole project. Whilst i was on the forums revelling in all the glory and praise that running a high class podcast brings, Slug was beavering away in the background... so please, raise a glass to everyone's favourite gastropod and the unsung hero of Blogariddims as he describes his contribution to this selection:
Slug sez: The original blogariddims ident music (the distorted strings fade-up with the typewriter sounds at the beginning/middle end of each blogariddims) started it's life as a patch on my nord modular that was really just a series of 6 timed ocallators, on the 4th beat , 16th beat, 12th beat etc. A recording of this and some editing and delay in soundforge and the inclusion of a edited recording of my wife using her typewriter, gave us the first 15 second jingle. Half way through blogariddims (25) i updated the ident in ableton live to include wood blocks and strings - basically just following and replacing the original pattern (and it's wacky time signature).

Since then this ableton version has been sitting on my computer and i've been dipping in and out of it every now and then with the idea of making something more out of it. When droid first talked about episode 50 we had a very different idea for a shared contribution from us (see next post up) - but that didn't really pan out. For my part making a longer version of the ident seemed liked a better plan and the final 8 mins or so of Blogariddims 50 is the result. It's changed quite a lot over the last year but a lot of the original ideas still remain - it still explores different timing (more around the 4th and 6th beat) lots of delays and the circular fades of the ident. This version was recorded live, from ableton and them processed (and compressed) in forge
So - how do you measure success in a project as amorphous and disparate as this?

Since Blogariddims started 2 years back we've had over 200,000 downloads, a quadruple vinyl release and been part of an exhibition, it's been syndicated on Harvard college radio, Radio Magnetic and the Windows media guide (with an audience of about 1 million), it has involved 30 bloggers/DJs from all over the world, and I know for a fact that it has helped some of its contributors get gigs and achieve wider recognition... so in many ways i guess the podcast has wildly exceeded expectations, and I hope it will continue to provide some entertainment in the future as the episodes will remain available to new listeners ad infinitum. Most importantly I think, each set stands on it's own as a quality production and I think this is a real testament to the skill and passion of the contributors... regardless of what kind of style you're nominally 'in' to, you can sit down and listen to the whole cast without being jarred out of your seat by a careless selection at any point (well I can anyway).

From the fairly humble aim of simply exploring different styles and different approaches of presenting music without getting
too bogged down with technique or genre constrictions, the podcast blossomed into something more thanks to the knowledge and passion of its contributors. It goes without saying that Blogariddims would be nothing without this motley cru. As a small tribute to these foolhardy souls, I have immortalised them in the 'Blogamuffins' section of my link bar. And what about my role? In one of my initial emails fishing for contributions I asked them to consider me as nothing more than a bureaucrat (and not a very efficient one at that). Now obviously I've done some spectacular episodes myself ;) but when it comes to managing this thing I don't deserve much credit... a few emails and the odd bit of coding was all it took. All kudos should go to the hard working bloggers who sacrificed their time and effort and graciously submitted to my endless harassment to make this cast what it is. in particular I'd like to thank those who provided moral support, did multiple episodes or stepped in at the last moment to fill a gap in the schedule (Gutta, Halverson, Paul Nomos, Tim Rambler, Gabriel and the Heatwave cru) and especially the redoubtable John Eden and Paul Meme, who provided sympathetic ears to my constant moaning as well as going far beyond the call of duty with the quantity of work they submitted. I feel I should also apologise to those whom I have unjustly harangued in the name of the almighty schedule...

This is going to turn into an Oscar speech if I continue any further, so Id just like to finally send out my love to all subscribers, listeners and fans who've supported the project and bigged us up on the forums over the years...

Its been fun!


Blogger Ben said...

Big up to all of you - what a fantastic piece of work; not just this mix, but the whole set of 'casts. A real example of the collaborative nature of the internet producing work where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

10:14 AM  
Blogger Laurent said...

While I'm really sad to see Blogariddims come to an end, reading all the posts from Terminus and looking back at all the music the series has turned me onto it feels right. Massive thanks and big up from a fan amidst the 200K downloads, i hope one day somethin arises from this to once again provide us with not just a great mix of music but also some great insight into the music. As Ben above said, the series, and the last post, are a real shining example of the collaborative nature of the internet. I for one have always found a lot of inspiration in the series and the mixes for my own work. you will be all sadly missed but on constant rotation in ipod and computer. I'd pour a bit of a 40 if I was living in L.A, so instead I'll e-pour a bit of my tea to the passing of one of the finest podcast series I know. Thanks guys.
Laurent Fintoni

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Statto said...

Much love and respect for all these Blogariddims thingies. Especially as I don't really like mixes. Rather than binding a selection of musical items (tracks) together in a constructive and interesting fashion, I find that mixes just homogenize everything, render it all down to a bland mush. Where are the intros is one constant which Matt B now responds with a set of nothing but intros. Yes, I have to say Blogariddims are an exception: the thought gone into each one ensures continuity and flow, while allowing juxtaposition and surprise, sufficient always to keep me entertained. Shame there aren't going to be anymore, but thanks for the 50 already on my harddrive :)

1:36 PM  

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