Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Masters of Mastering

So, you've just completed your dubstep/d+b/electronic masterpiece and are about to send it off to get 1000 12"s pressed but you're worried that the sound from your playstation/gameboy/laptop minijack may not translate too well onto vinyl... what do you do?

Well - Subverts' Macc and Scope have recently started up a small mastering studio catering especially for the likes of you. For a reasonable fee these two will take your badly produced, over compressed and distorted low-fi efforts, and using their decades of audio experience and racks of specialised equipment translate them into something that will sound (at the very least) passable, or (more than likely) crystal clear on wax - thus saving you the expense of remastering to vinyl when your test presses come back sounding like they've been trodden through dogshit and then left in a skip for 6 months.

We've sent a few bits and pieces over to the lads and been very impressed with the results - they are efficient, they put a lot of work and dedication in regardless of the size of the project and, most importantly, they are affordable for those of us running small independent labels with little or no profit margin (everyone in other words). Those of you familiar with SC will already be well aware of the appalling level of audio geekery this duo habitually indulge in, but if you're looking for confirmation, just check out the studio sub-forum or their impressive list of testimonials.

Get over to SC:mastering and check 'em out - no job too big or small!


Blogger Beatfreak! said...

Did the lads master Long Time Burning?

just curious.

Paul. (elektrovert)

6:42 PM  
Blogger droid said...

Nope - that was a Fear project. Not a huge amount of mastering to be done ther really as Naphta had already done all his mixdowns, and it was for CD anyway, so Slug just put a few light touches here and there and got it as loud as possible without using too much compression.

10:35 PM  
Blogger Beatfreak! said...

It's nice! 8-)

10:36 PM  

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