Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Woofah 3

Is imminent...

Now John Eden and Martin Implode would have you believe that life in the Woofah office is all gritty and 'urban'. In fact it's more like this.

Except that Eden does his bratty voiceover in realtime.

(Mostly Reggae) Linx up

Haven't done one of these posts in a while, so there's a mountain of stuff that's piled up and then been forgotten... will try and remember as much as possible:
Reggae Interviews: Excellent 2 and a half hour long King Jammy's interview from 1xtra. Also - extended sessions with Carlton Patterson and Tony 'Downbeat' Screw on WKCR radio New York.

Reggae mixes: There's been a few very digi nice sets floating around recently: Rise up selections - Digital Killers is a nice all round selection of digital tuneage. There's a showcase mix of tunes from Mikey Bennets' 'Two friends' label also from the Rise Up cru, and this KILLER set from Stereotronic which led me to their podomatic page which features three more excellent mixes.

Bay B Kane/Blog2theoldSkool: I assume everyone has heard of this excellent new blog by now? Curated by some old skool uber-nerds (myself excepted) and dedicated to exploring the minutiae of the rave era via obscure audio uploads, this is an essential site for any 'nuum heads. If you had any doubts about the credentials of these guys, check out this revelatory interview with elusive jungle legend Bay B Kane.

If that hasn't got your old skool juices flowing, then check out The Jungle Preserve for links to a ton of old radio and rave sets - and in a similar vein, Simon Reynolds' recent article on UK pirates' from the Wire's 'Unofficial Channels' feature is online at his Energy Flash blog, and also features loads of pirate tape linkage...
I thought I had more than that stored up... guess the old memory banks aren't as good as they used to be!

SC:mastering Super Special Offer

Remember that post about a month back bigging up SC: mastering? Well, head honcho Macc has made a ridiculously generous (and possibly drunken) offer to give new customers 20% off the cost of mastering their first tune if you mention The Fear when you contact him... making the already stupidly low price even lower.*

If you have tunes in need of mastering, you'd have to be completely mad to ignore this.

*Offer valid only until Macc changes his mind or sobers up.

Sunken Foal

'Fallen Arches', the debut LP/EP from one half of Ambulance hit the shelves a couple of weeks ago courtesy of Planet Mu. its out on CD and double LP and the EP is available on 12". The album was also the subject of a M.A.H. Radio 1 special a few weeks back which showcased 5 new live recordings...

We've featured some Foal in our mixes in the past - 'Foathing' from the 2nd Front End Synthetics compilation (also on the new LP) on Shwantology 2, and an earlier version of Colloidal Silver from the 'Fermented Condiments' EP on ╠┼iretronica : 1 and we have of course featured Ambulance tunes in some of our other sets over the years... I could maybe persuade one of my recalcitrant comrades to post a decent review of this at some point, but for now all you need to know is that this is brilliant and you should buy it! (follow the link for audio samples)

Outa Worries

So - that gig seemed to go well. The Worries cru have a pretty good thing going on - nice (surprisingly large for a Sunday) and cheerful crowd giving great vibes all night. So much so that Ive been invited back to do a dancehall set sometime early next year. Unfortunately I couldn't find the charger for my camera, so this shaky picture of my record bag is the best visual I can offer. Audio of some kind to come once I get a chance to review the recording...