Thursday, November 05, 2009

Releases #3

Only a year or so late with this. It's had a relatively positive reception so far though. The first of many (we hope):

Ruff Revival’s
manifesto is simple: to liven up the dance by offering the best in raw bass-driven tunes for the floor. Jungle, garage, and dubstep vibes get mashed up together on each release, with the emphasis on fun, rudeness, rhythms, and bass experimentation.

Sharing the same space, different styles get the chance to interact and reach new audiences, all the while delving back to the roots of hardcore UK dance music at its experimental and unselfconscious best.

RR002 - Naphta: Fully Loaded/El-B's Soundclash Relick

Kicking off with a heavyweight double-header, RR002 opens proceedings with the superlative Amen stormer ‘Fully Loaded’, Naphta’s first Jungle outing since his critically-acclaimed album ‘Long Time Burning’ two years back. This one throbs with militant out for the massive twist-up in the finale!

Burning up the flip, the legendary El-B (aka Ghost) delivers a killer remix of Naphta’s anthem ‘Soundclash 1’ that swings with panache between 2 step and dubstep, rolling out a hypnotically brutal bassline under pounding conga beats...

"...Dancehall chaos is already built in to the DNA of this plate: a deadly persuasive amalgam readied for multiple rewind situations. Naphta's 'Fully loaded' side restores muscular memories of Jet Star B-sides, Shut Up and Dance , Production House, Ibiza ...Spin Inn, blues... Potential BadBoy, Genaside II, G Double E and so many more spring to mind during this simply irresistible rinsing!

A Soundboy's dream! Recommended!."
- Sounds of the Universe

"...Fully Loaded' follows from the onslaught of his brilliant 'Long Time Burning' album with a proper amen rinse-off, done in a ruffneck rudeboy style associated with Krome and Time or early DJ Hype, rather than Shitmat. On the flip Ghost takes his turn at 'Soundclash 1' following Grievous Angel's mix also out this week, producing a heavy 'Relick' version with the gangsta samples still intact, but pushed into a hard-swinging stepper with shades of his seminal classics. Big, bad and heavy!."
- Boomkat

"...Quality assured drum n' bass from Naphta with a ruff, Roddigan-esque hook. On the flipside, proto-dubstep producer, Ghost aka El-B, slows the frenetic tempo of 'Soundclash 1' and adds a little low-end wobble to his 2-step version." - Bleep

Also available from Red Eye, Juno, Chemical and BM Soho.

Ruff revival Myspace


Blogger cólz said...

Got it yesterday, delighted to see such a quality label here on the auld sod. Great stuff.

8:06 PM  

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