Thursday, March 04, 2010

Hexes, Internecine Warfare & Woofah 4

John Eden's trophy case, yesterday.
Martin exposes the sordid truth of the goings on in the background of the production of Woofah 4. I'd like to add a few comments, but part of the peace agreement involved a gagging order, so unfortunately I can't correct some of the egregious, slanderous and unjust half-truths in his piece.... the only explanation is that Eden finally got to him (I assume the gas mask is to hide the facial scars), and I don't blame him for cracking - Ive been the victim of terrifying mystical attacks at the hands of this sinister svengali-cum-warlock since the slaughter at Kings Cross, so I can only imagine what Martin's been through living in the same city as that demented thaumaturge... But Ive said too much already. One day, the truth will out!

What I can talk about is the new issue of Woofah. Its big, shiny and full of quality. There's been a good deal of press and some reviews of it already, but its basically (and I would NEVER normally say this) - all good. We have a brilliant mix of contributors, the content is more varied than ever before, and the extra 30 pages has allowed (I think) for a better balance between articles, (semi) current interviews, and general features. Throw in some skinhead-reggae poetry, a brand new and soon to be legendary cartoon character and a razor sharp reviews section... ...the fact that its selling like hotcakes and every issue so far has sold out tells you all you need to know.

Just buy it.


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