Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Remarc@Reach 12/07/09

I meant to write a mini-review of this gig, but in the absence of any audio and a memory like Swiss cheese I never bothered, but now an Mp3 of Remarc's set has finally made it up, reminding me of what a good night it was.

Remarc@Reach 12/07/09*

Check it out - Remarc lets loose an onslaught of ragga jungle dubplates, including specials of R.I.P., Super Sharp Shooter, Incredible, Original Nuttah, Peace Love and Unity etc... as well as playing some all out classics. Tight mixing throughout and a masterclass in MCng from the great Criminal K.

Mickey Finn was pretty good on the night but leant a bit more towards post-95 jump up styles. The highlight in his set was definitely his special of the Arsonist, which blew the floor away.

Upstairs, Colz absolutely killed it with a great combination of grime, dubstpe and garage, and Shackleton's set seemed pretty good (lovely bloke), but I only caught a few minutes of it as I was legging it back downstairs to catch Remarc.

So, all in all, another quality night from Reach, and more reason to head to the Reach 3rd birthday in October featuring Kenny Ken and Randall BACK TO BACK (or so I hear).

*Though this is listed as a 'Bodytonic podcast', it is, most definitely a Reach recording of a Reach event... Bodytonic are the guys who run the venue... FYI