Monday, July 03, 2006

Podcasts for Beginners

In light of the imminent podcast action (its comin' - dont worry!) just thought it might be helpful to take a few minutes to give a brief instruction on how to use these things. So without further ado here it is in plain English:
Click on the Link to the podcast

Copy the link (PC users: right click and select "Copy Shortcut," Mac users: click and hold the mouse button and then select "Copy"), or alternatively, click the link as normal, and then copy the URL of the window that opens.

Paste the link into the subscription field of your podcasting software. This process may vary depending on your software.
If you use Itunes, things are slightly different:
When you click the Subscribe button next to a podcast in the iTunes Music Store, iTunes downloads the latest episode of the podcast. When you click the Get Episode button next to a podcast episode in the Music Store, iTunes downloads that episode.

You can also subscribe to a podcast if you know the podcast feed URL. Choose Advanced > "Subscribe to Podcast" and enter the URL. (see above)

You can see your podcasts and podcasts episodes by selecting Podcasts in the Source list.
Or you can just click on this link to subscribe instead.

If you dont have any podcasting software, and still want to get these mixes, your best bet is to mail the bloggers involved and ask nicely - though some may choose to make a straight mp3 link available at time of broadcast.


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