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A combination of a dodgy keyboard on my laptop at home, and being forced to actually do something at work has slowed things down here yet again... So Ive snuck into the Office early today to make this post. As usual theres been loads of stuff going on in my absence - and Ill post as much of it as I can remember (not much in other words!).

Blogariddims 2 + Blogariddims 3 are both out of the bag! The first is a swansong from Nick Gutterbreakz - the demise of whose blog (despite the promises of ressurection at some point) is a bit of a low point in the world of music blogging IMHO. I remember when I first found his site 3 (or was it 4?) years back, a time when it felt like things were a lot more vibrant in this community of musical hermits, and it went straight to the top of my favourites along with Woebot and Blissblog. His recent obsession with dubstep distanced me somewhat as I always preffered his writings on the New Beat/Warp/Post Rave/UK dance phenomena, but his wit, style and obvious passion (evidenced by his prolific input) usually kept me interested nonetheless. I hope to see him up and about once again - as its suddenly seems very quiet around here without his voice... till then I guess we'll all just have to brush a tear from our collective eye whilst listening to this mix - a pean to good times not forgotten.

Matt B has re-emerged from his cocoon of silence over at Idle Thoughts to deliver Blogarididms 3 - an idiosyncratic mix of Electronica, Dubstep and Reggae. Much appreciated round these ends as it explores areas and tunes that I dont really give enough time to these days, seeing as my listening consists mainly of wall-to-wall sounclashes and avant classical LPs...

Next Blogariddims will be winging its way to you on Monday week - so If you havent already subscribed you can do so here - or get the Mp3s directly here.

In other news:

Renowned (or should that be infamous?) Dublin Junglist Don Rosco has started a blog - so go and say hello. It will be added to the sidebar once I forget about it long enough for someone to send me a petulant reminder ;) Another Irish blog Ive been meaning to link to for a while is 'Soundtracks for them'. A good mix of music, politics and social commentary from a local perspective...

Kaoss Pad 3 info has been leaked. Check out the pic - looks very nice indeed. Bad news is the price - £400 or therabouts - which means €600 or something equally silly for the eurozoners (and probably $800+ in the Imperial capital!).

The Thai Elephant Orchestra! Essential listening for those who enjoy South East Asian Gamelan type folk sounds. The eponymously titled album is the best of the two LP's as the other one has some human instrumentation barging in and ruining proceedings. Here's a somewhat creepy excerpt from the introduction to the second LP:

Just in case you somehow dont know yet - theres a bunch of new (ish) classical/avant/freaky MP3 sites out there for your delectation: different waters/classical connection/white noise all offering essential (and many out of print) recordings and LPs for the price of a bit of patience at rapidshare. Cant say fairer than that!

John Eden with a exemplary rundown of the life and times of veteran saxon MC Asher Senator. Essential reading if (like me) you find it almost impossible to get your hands on old Fashion records, and (obv) didnt live in London during their heyday in the 80s/early 90s - not to mention the fact that I was only a likkle robot arm when this guy was at the peak of his powers. Anyone know if any of the Saxon crew are still about and cutting dubplates btw? I know Tippa Irie is out there - but what about Asher, Papa Levi and Smiley Culture?

The ever prolific Rambler comes correct with a link to this great choral mix (
Bit late on this for aforementioned reasons), which is something we were thinking of doing for a future shwantology edition, but its actually a relief to find that someone else has done such a technically competent and texturally rich set that we can enjoy without having to do any work! - great stuff.

Early 80's nu-romantic fans rejoice! They've only gone and mashed up Adam and the Ants with a bit of dancehall and come up with this infectiously catchy riddim. Vocal cuts include Beenie Man, Voicemail, Ce'cile, and a few new names like Cagney, Lady Junie, and Lady Posh (!). CD can be found here. Havent seen the 7"s yet.

Riddim Method fans - theres a bunch of sets from the recent tour to be found here. Not trying to steal anyones thunder (who me?), but Im not sure if these have been overlooked or just not noticed yet. DJ C's set is particularly tight and bouncing...

Well - I reckon thats it for now. Slug is tailgating me with an awesome post about our recent Beckett gig, so Id better clear the way for him...


Blogger Municiple said...

Great blog, love to check it often. I thought you might be interested in a new mix I did called WARP JACK, which is all dancfloor, trackier stuff from Warp Records. Check it out at

Much respect!

1:55 AM  
Blogger droid said...

Thanks for that. Nice blog yerself btw... will give that mix a listen asap - loads of old favourites in there...

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you want saxon dubs check me et from saxon email i used to play the sound in the 80s

11:05 PM  

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