Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Droid + Slug at Culture Night 2006

The usual excuses for the usual interminable gap between posts here at weareie towers! Our birthday post is languishing amongst its many peers in the 'drafts' stage at blogger - ironically enough as its mainly about how difficult it is to find the time to work, DJ, produce and blog at the same time, especially when you throw a few 'grand projects' into the mix. Needless to say, I hope to get it up sometime next week, as Im off for an ill deserved break at the end of the month. Thanks to our guests, Bassnation and Soundslike for filling in the gaps with such fine work.

So - myself and Slug have been asked to play again at the National gallery - this time as part of 'Culture night' organised by Temple Bar properties, who also presided over the live outdoor 'Diversions' gig we did as The Fear in Meeting House Square a few years back.

"Dublin’s first ever Culture Night will take place on Friday 22nd September when almost 40 of the city’s leading museums, galleries, studios and theatres will throw open their doors until 9.00pm to encourage people who normally don’t do so to visit them and learn of the city’s rich cultural offering.

From Monet in the Hugh Lane Gallery, to up and coming bands in the Temple Bar Music Centre, from Bog Bodies in the National Museum of Ireland, Archaeology to outdoor movies in Meeting House Square, from the Yeats Exhibition in the National Library to A Tribute to the Ryder Cup in Collins Barracks, from talks about The Abbey Theatre’s history to the ‘Morphathon’ kids animation workshop in Filmbase, and many more in between, Culture Night provides people with a great opportunity to reacquaint themselves or introduce themselves to the city’s vast cultural offering."

The Gallery is really pushing the boat out this time, opening later than any other venue - from 8 to 11pm (doors open at 6 - I think) with films, themed tours, lectures and other complimentary activities going on throughout the building, and the café and bar serving tapás, cocktails and beer as well as the usual fare. All in all, this seems like a fairly exciting venture, something different in Dublin's usual barren nightlife, and a genuine attempt to reach out to a new audience - all of which can only be lauded.

Myself and Slug will be DJng for 5 hours, from the 'Cube' high above the Millennium wing entrance. Expect something similar to the Beckett set, with a bit more focus and direction, as we've amassed a lot more music and done a bit more preparation, and we're bringing our own monitors and desk - so we should also be able to hear what's going on this time round!

So if you're a local reader of this blog and you happen to be in the city centre on Friday evening come on in and give us a wave. It is of course free in to all comers.


Blogger GTTRBRKZ said...

aw shucks, I was in Dublin this weekend just gone! should've linked up with you. oh well never mind. btw, Dublin has the worst traffic congestion i've ever experienced. completely fucked gridlock insanity. maybe it was just cos of the ryder cup..?

9:10 PM  
Blogger droid said...

Nah - its like that all the time. Total nightmare. On the plus side, I do get to spend the best part of 3 hours a day reading and listening to music on the bus - dont know where Id be without that time to absorb new tunes...

Link up the next time youre planning a trip Nick!

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The poxy traffic is only second to Bombay or Mumbai or what ever the hell its called. Thats offical btw. Really looking forward to tonight. Most of my mates are desperately trying to find baby sitters, two have pulled out already, shame. Maybe I could nick someting off the walls for my gaf??? Is there any paintings up beside you droudicus??
Triple A

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't believe i missed this.

7:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can't believe i missed this

7:52 PM  
Blogger Bruno said...

don't know how else to say this... but i've been listening to can since 14 (24 now) and i finally made something i think is good enough. and i figured you might dig it.

it's here:

remixes of the streets, marvin gaye, mos def, b-52's, cocteau twins, more

hope you like it


The "Eardrums shall fail" blog said:

"Remixing is raised to art status when you give new life to music, any type of music. To see potential in a boring cut, to push the envelope all the way to different galaxies, to let your mind wander where the originary intention left off, all this presumes passion and marquees lighting up over your head as opposed to a mere lightbulb. A writer, most of the cases, is a passionate reader and afterwards a remixer of words. Tago-Mago does that with music. I may not like each and every track but that would be a strange and new feeling anyway. Rarely have I heard a reinvention of music I was, or thought I was, familiar with, in such unexpected ways. His major influence is Can, and the mixes are inspired by a variety of hip hop and electronica artists."

2:29 AM  

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