Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bassnation presents Blogariddims 5

An excursion into dark hip hop, bass-heavy bleep tekno, dubstep and jungle by marc dauncey.

(Droid sez:) Just a short note to introduce Marc. Many of you may know him from his Bassnation blog, which unfortunately has now closed shop - I was exposed to his work (writing about and mixing up old skool jungle and other strains of dance music) through his blog a few years back, and through various conversations over at Dissensus. Along with many others his enthusiasm for his work was a big factor in getting me up off my lazy metal ass to get this place running. He's bowled me for six with this mix (in a good way), as it wasn't what I was expecting at all - havent had a chance for a proper listen yet, but the style of mixing and combinations of tunes seems pretty idiosyncratic, and contains elements of all of the genres covered by his blog - which is exactly what we want - yes?

Over to you Marc!

This mix was produced using a mixture of decks, sonic foundry acid and ableton live. It's not as densely mixed as previous efforts, instead making the music the focus with long blends and sharp drops into wildly different tempos.

As always you can get the mix directly here:


Or sign up for the podcast here:



1. (intro) deadbeat - "abu ghraib"
2. ge-ology - "secret life in the dark"
3. shadow huntaz - "massive"
4. clipse "mr me too" (bassnation edit)
5. (interlude) "people from the other side..."
6. slotek - "electric soul controller"
7. headset - "crasping claw"
8. can - "oh yeah" (bassnation edit)
9. triple six mafia - "smoke a junt"
10. scuba - "plate"
11. timeblind - "flesh wound"
12. loefah - "ruffage"
13. herbert - "foreign bodies" (plaid remix)
14. sleep archive - "bleep 04"
15. white label - "acid track"
16. stereotyp meets al-haca - "born" (feat. mc ras t-weed & dj collage) 17. (interlude) "i've got some bad news..."
18. kemet crew - "stop pushing"
19. undercover movement - "warning"
20. dj pulse - "stay calm" (foul play remix)
21. breakage - "prophecy"
22. (outro) deadbeat - "abu ghraib"

Recently, one of the most famous music bloggers out there bemoaned the state of music blogging - complaining that blogs have slipped into a "homeostatic half-life" filled with "bunkers of genre-patriots talking in enthused but insular tongues".

i have a different view. this is my agenda, my manifesto, my deeper project - an ode to those bedroom djs, those narrow genre bloggers - the people, who despite raves deep untrendiness, are busy resurrecting the free party scene in the UK, against all odds and expectations. to all those who construct instead of simply deconstructing - who produce transcendental music that makes life worth living.

i'd like to pay my respects to people i consider to be the masters at their game, within the sphere of music blogging - paul autonomic, nick guttabreakz, eden & meme and of course droid and the weareie massive - long may you all continue.

(intro) deadbeat - "abu ghraib"

deadbeat is a producer from montreal who specialises in grainy and minimal dub soundscapes. abu ghraib is an angry broadside against the kind of self-defeating and dangerous double standards that masquerade as foreign policy, in the days of the iraq occupation.

ge-ology - "secret life in the dark"

ge-ology is a long-time hip hop producer who despite producing tracks for such scene luminaries as tupac, mos def and talib kweli might be unknown to many. here he produces a smooth jazzlick journey to the darkside that recalls nightlife in the big city filled danger, unpredictability and, ultimately, forbidden pleasure.

shadow huntaz - "massive"

moody acid hip hop - well, normally i steer clear of the idm / hip hop axis but if it sounds serious enough to sit next to "proper" hip hop then give me more.

clipse "mr me too" (bassnation edit)

a perfect example of how chartbound commercial hip hop is now one of the most innovative sounds out there. this tune rinses some darkcore drones and a stilted heavy beat that despite the humourous lyrical content seems to evoke an unplaceable dread.

(interlude) "people from the other side..."
slotek - "electric soul controller"

many thanks to paul autonomic for introducing me to slotek. its all in the name. incidentally some of the other tracks on the "7" ep are broken enough to sound like slowed down dubstep despite the fact they were produced back in 1999.

headset - "crasping claw"

highly unusual electronica featuring the most breathtaking rap in japanese by guest lady dragon. i'd love to know what the lyrics mean but failing that i'm prepared sit slack jawed listening to this flow over and over again. truly sublime.

can - "oh yeah" (bassnation edit)

this tune needs no introduction. this is the german visionaries at their trippiest, pre-empting house and techno by a good twenty years.

triple six mafia - "smoke a junt"

thanks to the dissensus massive for turning me on to this band. evil lyrics, massive subbass and a sinister nursery rhyme delivery make this essential.

scuba - "plate"

jumping forward to the present day, heres another innovative dubstep cut from premier label hotflush. i like the way that hotflush are following a different groove from the halfstep crew. this straddles electronica and sounds refreshingly upbeat and unpurist.

timeblind - "flesh wound"

chris sattingers dubstep alter-ego. its kind of amusing to see the techno and drumnbass producers gatecrash the dubstep party, especially when it causes such consternation on the dubstep forum. they really needn't worry on the quality of this ep - although i'd still be wary of the day renegade hardware decide to do some tech dubstep. this is a monster of a track with tweaked and filtered bass winding its way round the beat. nice to see the always forward looking kode9 rinsing this artist too.

loefah - "ruffage"

my single halfstep tune, the massive ruffage from dubstep god loefah. i tried to resist playing too much dubstep on this mix as its not easy to get hold of lesser known tracks that haven't been played to death by all the big scene djs. i look forward to lots of releases from the scene as it spreads and gets bigger worldwide.

herbert - "foreign bodies" (plaid remix)

some people may be suprised at me including something from herbert here given my oft-repeated instinctive dislike of his insipid coffee table jazz house. however no-one should ignore plaids joyous and very soulful (in the best sense of the word) reworking with its quasi-orchestral stabs and glitchfest beats.

sleep archive - "bleep 04"

bring on the bleeps n bass! inspired by nick guttabreakz article (hope its in the archive somewhere nick) on the band, this is twinklingly beautiful bass-led dance music that recalls the best tracks from the early nineties.

white label - "acid track"

not too much info on this one i'm afraid. its wicked though.

stereotyp meets al-haca - "born" (feat. mc ras t-weed & dj collage)

some great raggified uptempo dance music from germanys al-haca and austrias stereotyp.

(interlude) "i've got some bad news..."
kemet crew - "stop pushing"

deep into the jungle, with this, one of kemet crews more restrained and marginally less nutty jungle tracks.

undercover movement - "warning"

michael james and mark "ruff" ryder (of fantasy ufo, hackney hardcore, M-D-EMM and a million other guises) drop some deep future hardccore.

dj pulse - "stay calm" (foul play remix)

the brilliant steve gurley producing the goods once again. i never seem to stop finding wicked tunes by this man.

breakage - "prophecy"

some contemporary drum and bass by one of the better artists in todays scene.

(outro) deadbeat - "abu ghraib"

I can be contacted at this email address: marc_dauncey@yahoo.com - look out for a new music project from me soon.

Marc Dauncey (bassnation), August 2006

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Weare(penomenom)1e continued

More birthday joy to share with you today. A little something that I culled from the DHR boards not long ago, and just had to spread the love. A nice mini-documentary about Daddy Freddy and his appearance on record breakers back in 'the day', going for the 'World's fastest rapper' title.

Theres loads of great footage in there, and I think I might actually have seen
this at the time, as its certainly from the era when I would have been watching - have to say though, when I encountered Daddy Freddy again through his mid-90's collaboration with ragga-junglist Marvellous Cain, I had completely forgotten this ever happened - or in fact that he even existed! All I need now is that Fast Chat competition that was shown on 'The Word' in the early 90s and Ill be a happy robot!

Needless to say, he ranks amongst my favourite MC's now amongst the likes of Major Mackerel, Ninjaman, Admiral Bailey and the Saxon fast chatters - maybe someone out there with a good knowledge of the UK soundsystem era could provide some more info on him?

Heres the vid - reasonable quality Windows Media Video - 24mb.


Monday, August 21, 2006


Weareie turned 1 a couple of days ago, but rather than pamper the brat with obsessive attention, I decided to take a leaf out of my progenitors book and ignore the anniversary - in favour of remaining in my alcove to complete recovery from a virus attack that's knocked me out of action over the past week.

I'm back working under my own power now, and despite contemplating as full an in-tray as ever, Im sorry to say that I've relented in the face of Slug and Naphta's pathetic pleas for a celebration of some sort - so expect the ubiquitous cliche ridden new years 'summation' type post over the next few days - once I clear out this snowdrift of 'proper' work.

In the meantime - what are birthdays about? Presents of course! And since I doubt anyone's planning on sending some to us, I've decided to be extra generous and give some to you, our dear readers. First up, something that's been rocking my headphones for the last few months since I got it secondhand - one of the most brilliant live dancehall sessions ever recorded and something Im sure all sane music fans will appreciate: Xterminator Live 1990 featuring Gregory Issacs, Sanchez, Quench aid, Flourgon, General Trees, Clement Irie, Ricky Chaplin, Lukie D and others inna combination style.

Get it here (megaupload). More goodies to come over the next week...

Friday, August 11, 2006

Ambient Punk

Having just finishing the recording for our second shwantology mix a couple of months back, we were approached out of the blue to play avant-garde and ambient music for this exhibition opening in the National gallery in Dublin. For me, coincidences don't come much happier.

After some discussion we both decided that for this gig we should use (or reuse) tunes from shwantology 1 and 2 (but without really reusing mixes), as well as some other tunes that didnt make it first time round and a few new things we had picked up in the meantime. In theory, studio mixes are blueprints for live performances, so the idea was to use the experience gained in recording the Shwantology mixes and make it work in a live setting. We also spent an evening before the gig going through records searching for more material (the more the merrier!). All that remained was a little web trawling for a few more bits and pieces - we specifically went looking for recordings of Beckett plays (and any other spoken word niceness) that we could use as part of the mix. This led us to the wonderful Ubuweb and Pennsound archives, which both host a whole lot of arts material - writing, poetry, plays, sound recordings, musical pieces, soundtracks I could go on for a while. Ubuweb in particular is an incredible resource - from interviews with John Cage to papers on musical theory, to mp3s of Beckett plays its worth spending some time checking these sites out. The actual area we played the gig in is normally the restaurant at the entrance of the new extension of the National Gallery in Dublin the space (when cleared of tables etc, as it was on the night) opens up to a large open room with a ceiling height of about 100 feet which makes for a nice large echoy space. Its connected to the rest of the gallery via a very large hallway and staircase; the photo below gives a view from the staircase looking back to the entrance hall. It gives you a good idea of the scale (the restaurant area is to the left near the entrance).

Positioned in a secluded corner, our set up consisted of a deck each, (both 1200s) a CD deck each, (both pioneer cdj1000s), a mixer each Droid with his Stanton plus kaoss pad and me with the supplied pioneer (without full kills on the bass, mid and high unfortunately). Lastly Droid had his laptop with his mp3 mixer do-dah/software plugged in and I had my I-pod in the third channel on my mixer.

So - 3 sources each with both mixers in turn plugged into the supplied desk/PA, not as comfortable (or hot!) as the studio, but a reasonable mirror of our home setup.

Being asked to play at this opening gave us the opportunity to experiment with the notion of music being supplemental to an experience/performance and not the experience/performance itself. The idea that music can be background noise that floats under the conversation of people who have the choice to pay attention or not. With the ambient noise of 250 people moving around this large space, the music on the night faded in and out of their hearing. (Droid Says - The irony of this is that weve played in bars and backrooms all over Dublin down through the years, and the usual scenario involves a kind of struggle with the audience to make the music audible whilst still allowing them to converse usually a fairly disheartening experience if you attempt any serious mixing)

In terms of the overall event, the musical performance (should read -the hectic mixing by Droid and myself) was almost an afterthought and was pretty much ignored (an effect that was aided by the fact that we were placed behind a large screen). Too much attention to our mixing (or the performance) from the attendees could have given the music a focal point and probably would have made the audience them think too much about how the music is getting to their ears, which in turn would have subtracted from the event itself. (This was after all an exhibition opening and not a musical performance). Instead, the music, with its peaks and swells, pushed itself softly into audibility, lightly distracting as well as easily being ignored at the same time. We purposely tried to keep the volume low, just reaching over the chatter of the attending guests and we also focused on less of the dark or noisy pieces, and more on warmer music, including a lot of spoken word (or purring cats!) in the mix to provide those moments of focus. An often habit of mine in the past (when I used to live in a bigger house), was to put music on in one room and settle down to listen to it in another, (Aphexs SAW 2 was a favourite for this) resulting in a sort of instant muffle with the other sounds in the house mixing in with the music as well. This would allow my concentration to wander from the tunes, to a conversation, or a book, or making a cup of tea etc. This is the kind of effect I was hoping to achieve for this set, this sense of background warmth, of a song not quite heard but enjoyed none the less.

This idea of the song not quite heard, when put in the context of the music we played, how it was presented, and its presence in this large space, lends itself to viewing the performance as a whole as a form of non linear sequence, that is - music that doesnt have a start, middle and end or a logical progression. The end result is something a listener only tunes into for short periods of time but can still figure out or recognize its form/type from this minimal exposure. (Barney Stevenson's talks about this concept and Enos thoughts on it in his interesting Thesis on Eno) I think that ambient/classical etc... music is now a lot more accessible, more easily accepted and in a way recognised (by its form), by a much wider spectrum of people, without requiring an encyclopaedic knowledge of the field itself. In my mind these genres have entered the popular consciousness, mainly through use in advertising and the media be it Enos music in adverts, or corporate branding and its use of emotive strings or godlike ambient surges - meaning it is more familiar and can be more easily enjoyed by a random group of people, attending, for example, an exhibition opening. During the night we were both quite surprised by the wide range of people that showed a real interest and enjoyment of the music, without any of them being closet ambient train spotters.

A few things on the recording itself: it was taped live onto DAT from the PA desk (3 DATs in total and unfortunately Droids mixer was not in stereo on the desk - so the mp3 is in mono as a result) and I also took a recording of the room for about an hour onto a minidisk with a binaural Sony mic attached. (This is where the room mp3s are from) The set is approx 2 hours 10 mins long and consists of a splice of the 3 DAT recordings and a bit of the room record from minidisk. The first splice is at approx 31 mins where I fade down into the room recording and back up to the second DAT (with the room recording from the same time, mixed in for good measure). The splice between DAT 2 and 3 is at approx 1 hour 17 mins, where I did a simple fade between the Talvin Singh and the Eno.

The end product, out of the context of the space it was performed in, is not perfect, there are a few glitches here and there, but we did have a few technical/monitoring difficulties (I couldnt hear a thing! Droid) on the night and as a result the set relies a little to much on individual tracks and meanders slightly but, on the other hand it was not designed for headphone listening, (having said that after repeated listening on my ipod it works much better on headphones than I originally thought) it was intended to provide underlying background atmosphere, so in that respect I think it works very well, and it is considerably more relaxed than our previous excursions into this territory.

Droid + Slug vs Beckett - 140606: 130 minutes approx (180mb.mp3)

1. Eddie Newmark - Serenity: The Silent Surf - Audio Fidelity (Ambience: An Adventure in Environmental Sound LP)
2. Deep Space Network - Ten Waves (Live at XS) - Rising High (Chill out or die Vol.2 LP)
3. Cluster and Eno - Fur Luise - Water (Cluster and Eno LP)
4. Terry Riley - IN C - CBS (IN C LP)
5. Stephen Vitiello - Light of Falling Ears - JDK - (Light Of Falling Cars LP)
6. Heldon - Fluence A/B - Urus Records (Allez-Teia LP)
7. Brian Eno - Future Light-Lounge Proposal - Installation at Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepubilk Deutschland, Bonn Germany
8. Bang on a Can/Brian Eno - 1-2 - Point Music (Music for Airports Redux LP)
9. Hex - Felt - Ninja Tune - (Digital love EP)
10. Yoko Ono - Cough Piece 1961 - UbuWeb
11. Ruben Garcia/Harold Budd/Daniel Lentz - Pulse Pause Repeat - Gyroscope (Music for 3 Pianos LP)
12. Biosphere - Startoucher - Apollo (Patashnik LP)
13. Autechre - Yulgen - Warp (Amber LP)
14. Sigur Ros - S̡asti Brinn - www.sigur-ros.co.uk - (S̡asti Vrinn OST)
15. Robert Ashley in Conversation with Terry Riley - Landscape - UbuWeb (Music with Roots in the Aether)
16. Roger Eno - Through the blue - Editions EG (Voices LP)
17. Brian Eno - Thursday Afternoon - Editions E.G. (Thursday Afternoon LP)
18. Tod Dockstader - Four telemetry tapes, no.3 - Starkland - (Apocalypse LP)
19. DJ Food - The Sky at Night - Ninja Tune (Kaleidoscope LP)
20. Le Monte young - Drift - UbuWeb - (Aspen 40 Kbits)
21. Burial - Forgive - Hyperdub (Burial LP)
22. Brian Eno - Dunwich beach, Autumn, 1960 - Editions EG (On Land LP)
23. Aphex Twin - Track 8 CD 2 - Warp (SAW2 CD)
24. Peter Green - Witches - Rephlex (Macbeth EP)
25. Samuel Beckett - Rule Number one - Ubuweb (The whole thing)
26. Brian Eno - Dunwich beach, Autumn, 1960 - Editions EG (On Land LP)
27. Harold Budd - Abandoned Cities - All Saints (Abandoned Cities LP)
28. Brian Eno - The quiet club - Opal - (Music for Civic Recovery Center LP)
29. Brian Eno/Harold Budd - Foreshadowed - Editions E.G. (The Pearl LP)
30. Philip Glass - Building - Electra (Einstein On The Beach LP)
31. Bedouin Acent - Beyond The 7th Gate - Rising High (Science, Art And Ritual LP)
32. Brian Eno & Peter Shwalm - Faraway Suns - Jvc Victor (Music for Omnyo Ji LP)
33. Gavin Bryars - The Sinking of the Titanic - Venture (The Sinking of the Titanic LP)
34. Yoshi Wada - Side B - UbuWeb (Lament For The Rise And Fall Of The Elephantine Crocodile LP)
35. Carsten Endra - Untiled (A2) - Markant (Cat M-13 LP)
36. Samual Beckett - Side 2 - (Beckett/Macgovern LP)
37. Toshiro Mayuzumi - 01 - ECJC Japan (Concert: 20-21)
38. Harold Budd - The Kiss - All Saints (The White Arcades LP)
39. Aphex Twin - Side D Track 2 - Warp (Selected Ambient Works 2 LP)
40. Brian Eno - Discreet Music - Obscure (Discreet Music LP)
41. Terry Riley - Shri Camel: Morning Corona - Ubuweb (Music with Roots in the Aether LP)
42. Oliver Messiaen - Oraison, 1937 - Ellipsis Arts (OHM - The early gurus of electronic music 1948 -1980 LP)
43. Hex - Interferance - Ninja Tune - (AntiStatic EP)
44. Pete Namlook - Escape (Trip To Mars) - Rising High (The Definitive Ambient Collection Vol.2 LP)
45. A Silver Mount Zion - 13 Angels Standing Guard 'Round The Side Of Your Bed - Constellation (He Has Left Us Alone ... LP)
46. Sons of the Sun - Heavenlamp - FatCat (Heavenlamp EP)
47. Brian Eno - Condition 4 - OPAL (Compact Forest Proposal CD)
48. Morton Feldman - Denmark - UbuWeb - (Aspen 40 Kbits)
49. cLOUDDEAD - And All You Can Do Is Laugh (1) - Big Dada (cLOUDDEAD LP)
50. Janek Schaefer - Startle Bather - Fat Cat - (Fat Cat 023 12")
51. Harmonic 33 - Planet 54 - Warp (Music For Film, Television And Radio Volume 1 LP)
52. Samuel Beckett - Cascando - UbuWeb (Two Radio Pieces by Samuel Beckett, Performed by Theatre for Your Mother, 1979)
53. Heldon - Trapeze/Interference - Cobra - (Rhizosphere LP)
54. Autechre - Overand - Warp (Tri Repetae LP)
55. Pauline Oliveros - Sound Patterns - UbuWeb - (Extended voices 1)
56. The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - Amygdhala - Planet Mu (Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble LP)
57. Terry Fox - The Labyrinth Scored for the Purrs of 11 Cats - UbuWeb (Long Version)
58. David Bowie - Subterraneans - RCA (Low LP)
59. Talvin Singh - Traveller - Island Records (Traveller 12")
60. Tod Dockstader - Track 1 - Sub Rosa - Aerial Vol.1
61. Brian Eno - Lanzarote - All Saints (The Shutov Assembly LP)blue jam
62. Autechre and The Hafler Trio - oŴ - Die Stadt (oŴ & Ŵh CD)
63. Autechre and The Hafler Trio - Ŵh - Die Stadt (oŴ & Ŵh CD)
64. Fleishmann - The rise and fall of a drinker - Leaf (Invisible Soundtracks 4 EP)
65. Muziq - Sick Porter 2 - Rephlex (Bluff Limbo LP)
66. Hex - Dust - Ninja Tune - (Digital love EP)
67. *** ******* - ********** * * - ***** (*** ***** *****)
68. Yves Klein - Monotone Symphony 1 (excerpt) - UbuWeb - (Prince of Space LP)
69. Alice Coltrane - Going Home - Impluse! (Lord of Lords LP)
70. Brian Eno and Jiri Prihoda - Music for Prague - (Music for Prague)
71. GodSpeed - The Dead Flag Blues - Kranky (F# A# 8 LP)
72. Kopernik - Ondyant Et Divers - Eastern Developments (Kopernik LP)
73. Aphex Twin - Track 1 CD1 - Warp (SAW2 CD)
74. Brian Eno - Discreet Music - Obscure (Discreet Music LP)
75. Gyorgy Ligeti - Lux Aeterna - MGM/Polydor (2001 O.S.T.)
76. Augusto De Campos & Caetano Veloso - Pulsar - ?? - (Lunapark 0,10)
77. Daniel Figgis - My Poor Little House Without Me In It- Rough Trade (Skipper LP)
78. Charles Bernstein - 1-100 - Ubuweb (Class)
79. Decal - Moylough - Planet Mu (404 not found LP)
80. Autechre - VLetrmx - Warp (Garbage EP)
81. Kohachiro Miyata - 4. Shika No Tone - Nonesuch Explorer (Shakuhachi - The Japanese Flute LP)
82. Jon Hassell /Harold Budd/Brian Eno - Chor moir - Editions EG (Dream theory in Malaya 1 LP)
83. Jana Haimsohn - Hav'a Lava Flow - One Ten records - (Airwaves LP)
84. Eyvind Kang - Innocent Eye, Crystal See - Ipecac Recordings (Virginal Co Ordinates LP)
85. Howie B - Music For Babies - Polydor (Music for Babies LP)
86. Gordon Mumma - Mumma - UbuWeb - (Aspen 40 Kbits)
87. Bernard Herman - Theremin remixes - Varese (The Day The Earth Stood Still OST)
88. Godspeed - (Middle of) BBF3 - Contellation (Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada EP)
89. Luc Ferrari - Hommage Luc Ferrari par David Jisse - Rediffusion - (France Culture Champ Documentaire Hommage Luc FerrariEmissions du 27 et 28 Aot 2005)
90. Michael Brook/Brian Eno/Daniel Lanois - Distant Village - Editions EG (Hybrid LP)
91. Metamatics - Piano 2 - Hydrogen Dukebox (Evening Star / Piano 2, 7")
92. Samuel Beckett - Words and Music - Ubuweb (Two Radio Pieces By...)
93. Harold Budd - little heart - Samadhi Sound (Avalon Sutra LP)
94. Metamatics - Evening Star - Hydrogen Dukebox (Evening Star / Piano 2, 7")
95. Brian Eno/Robert Fripp - An Index Of Metals - Editions E.G. (Evening Star LP)
96. Brian Eno - Sparrowfall 1 - Editions EG (Music for Films LP)
97. Polygon Window - Quino-Phec - Warp (Surfing on Sine Waves LP)
98. Sigur Ros - Gtardjamm [Live Clip]
99. Brian Eno - From the same Hill - Editions EG (Music for Films LP)
100. Terry Riley - IN C - CBS (IN C LP)
101. Chris Morris/Aphex Twin - Blue Jam Track 15/SAW2 Track 5 CD1 - Warp (Blue Jam LP)
102. Charles Bernstein - Goodnight - Ubuweb (Class)

As a lot of this tracks feature in Shwantology 1 and 2 and have already been described in those posts, rather than do a description of the mixing, Im just want to highlight a few items or artists and impart some info about them.

My first exposure to Terry Riley and this track was through the culture show on BBC2 they did a piece on IN C and its influence bands like the who in the early 70s as well as how it laid the foundations for repetitive forms of music (dance music?). There are numerous recorded versions of it from the original to a Chinese version (produced by Eno and Jon Hassell) to a Bang on a can version, the great thing about it is that every version is (due to the nature of the piece) unique.

Bang on a can are a musical society / organization that have put on hundreds of musical events since their conception in 1987, including the above mentioned performance of In C and a tour / recording of Enos Music for Airports. This recording is a rearrangement of Enos ambient opus (but very much in keeping with the original), recorded on live instruments, in a similar vein to the Alarm Will Sound remixing Aphex Twin i.e. great stuff!

La Monte Young Apart from the recording in the mix and this written work on Ubuweb, Im pretty new to La Monte Young I do recommend checking out this post on Confuciuss blog, its about Well tuned piano which, judging by the first CD sounds amazing. Also for anyone that is interested, here is an explanation of his tuning for Well Tuned Piano.

Harold Budd We have used quite a few pieces of Harold Budds large body of work in this and in the shwantology mixes. I discovered Budds work through his collaborations with Eno, the first I heard being the sublime The Pearl (which is one of the Eno LPs that has been issued and repackaged this year). I went on a bit of a search on line and in the local towers and HMVs (and I was very surprised to find quite a lot) in Dublin and found out a bit more about the man, and his other recordings heres a shortlist of what I think is (at least) worth checking out this is by no means complete as there are still quite a few to track down:

The White Arcades

The Pavilion of Dreams got this a short time ago and was surprised to find it was much more of an arranged piece with harps, piano, choir singing its very good though.

The Plateaux Of Mirror (another one of the repackaged Eno LPs)

The Serpent (In Quicksilver) / Abandoned Cities

Music for 3 Pianos (which is my favourite)

As far as I know nearly all of the first 20 releases on the Markant label are produced by a certain Carsten Endrass, who happens to own and run the label as well. I remember they where, at the time, very hard to find, although I do have to admit being disappointed when I did find them, as most of them where not half as good as I was led to believe. Saying that, Number 13 was of a fine pedigree, although one or two of its tracks hasnt aged that well but the premature aging (or blandness) of late nineties electronica is a discussion for another time.

Silver Mount Zion are another off shoot (is that the right word?) of Godspeed, that is, there are a few members that are also in Godspeed (and a few in Set fire to flames). The featured track is from there first LP, which you may recognize from shwantology 2 droid called one of the standout tunes in the mix and for me it remains one of my favourite pieces of music.

My interest in cLOUDEAD comes from self titled LP on Big Dada (which was kind of a shared release with mush) and the few 10 they have released. These offerings have very little in what can be called hip hop on them and are more sound plays of sorts, with lots of field recordings and confused stuttering beats. The soundscape stuff on the LP is what features in the mix.

Harmonic 33s CD seems to be paying homage to the BBCs Radiophonic Workshop in some way. If it that stands up with the spirit of the originals or not is something Ill let you judge for yourself. The featured track, Planet 54 is the haunting piano track that finishes the album.

Ae3o/h3ae (not to be confused with the other one they did - aeo3/3hae) is a collaboration between Autechre and the Hafler Trio. As you might expect the resulting output is challenging to say the least two long tracks of quite murmurings, searing noise and demanding drones. Nice.

Alice Coltrane recorded about 16 LPs in the late 60s and early 70s of her own particular version of Jazz. Lord of Lords is probably her most symphonic, each track heavily dosed with multiple layers of strings over harp, piano, bass and drums. This LP also features a wonderful reworking of Stravinskys the Firebird

Godspeed We took tracks from both the EP Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada and from F#A# for this mix (I had really wanted to get either of these into one of the Shwantologys but it was not to be) and both are of a similar vibe. Godspeed do this kind of thing very well, (although some might say they are somewhat pompous) moody strings, pianos and guitars with politically minded (or ironically minded) spoken word samples leading up to huge crescendos. I came very late to the Godspeed party but was an instant convert, obsessively getting all their LPs and side projects (like this and this) alike.

Kopernik Dont know much about these guys other than this LP was a real surprise (in a good way!) and is on Scott Herons interesting Eastern Developments Label which has a few other niceties on it.

Decal - 404 Not Found One of my favourite albums of recent years, 404 was a departure from Decals (info + info) usual excellent techno / house fare and is an essential buy on sight if you dont own it.

Eyrind Kang - Virginal Co Ordinates I was introduced to this album through a Mike Patton obsessed friend of mine. (Mike does the vocals on this lp for Kang) Eyrind (one time musician with John Zorn) is one of those artists that puts together a group of different musicians for each album or recording, he does and sees what happens this one is a must in my opinion.

Metamatics Evening Star / Piano 2 7 this red vinyl 7 was part of the Neo Ouija double 10 pack and is Lee Norris at his very best. (theres also a couple of nice tracks on the 10 themselves). Metamatics initial releases on Neo Ouija with (and without) Clatterbox and releases on District 6 were of top quality but after that I kind of lost interest.

To conclude, i hope you enjoy the mix, again not perfect - but an interesting one at the least. Also just a word for you all to keep your eyes peeled for the weareie 1st birthday celebrations, coming up in the next few weeks. I know it probably feels more like about 10 years that you have been listening to Droid dribble on his obsessions (it's about 50 for me) but it has only been a year. Judging from the quality and quanity (12 mixes in all!) of the posting of the last year we can surely look forward to what Droid promises to be a celebration worthy of song.

Or not...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


A combination of a dodgy keyboard on my laptop at home, and being forced to actually do something at work has slowed things down here yet again... So Ive snuck into the Office early today to make this post. As usual theres been loads of stuff going on in my absence - and Ill post as much of it as I can remember (not much in other words!).

Blogariddims 2 + Blogariddims 3 are both out of the bag! The first is a swansong from Nick Gutterbreakz - the demise of whose blog (despite the promises of ressurection at some point) is a bit of a low point in the world of music blogging IMHO. I remember when I first found his site 3 (or was it 4?) years back, a time when it felt like things were a lot more vibrant in this community of musical hermits, and it went straight to the top of my favourites along with Woebot and Blissblog. His recent obsession with dubstep distanced me somewhat as I always preffered his writings on the New Beat/Warp/Post Rave/UK dance phenomena, but his wit, style and obvious passion (evidenced by his prolific input) usually kept me interested nonetheless. I hope to see him up and about once again - as its suddenly seems very quiet around here without his voice... till then I guess we'll all just have to brush a tear from our collective eye whilst listening to this mix - a pean to good times not forgotten.

Matt B has re-emerged from his cocoon of silence over at Idle Thoughts to deliver Blogarididms 3 - an idiosyncratic mix of Electronica, Dubstep and Reggae. Much appreciated round these ends as it explores areas and tunes that I dont really give enough time to these days, seeing as my listening consists mainly of wall-to-wall sounclashes and avant classical LPs...

Next Blogariddims will be winging its way to you on Monday week - so If you havent already subscribed you can do so here - or get the Mp3s directly here.

In other news:

Renowned (or should that be infamous?) Dublin Junglist Don Rosco has started a blog - so go and say hello. It will be added to the sidebar once I forget about it long enough for someone to send me a petulant reminder ;) Another Irish blog Ive been meaning to link to for a while is 'Soundtracks for them'. A good mix of music, politics and social commentary from a local perspective...

Kaoss Pad 3 info has been leaked. Check out the pic - looks very nice indeed. Bad news is the price - 400 or therabouts - which means 600 or something equally silly for the eurozoners (and probably $800+ in the Imperial capital!).

The Thai Elephant Orchestra! Essential listening for those who enjoy South East Asian Gamelan type folk sounds. The eponymously titled album is the best of the two LP's as the other one has some human instrumentation barging in and ruining proceedings. Here's a somewhat creepy excerpt from the introduction to the second LP:

Just in case you somehow dont know yet - theres a bunch of new (ish) classical/avant/freaky MP3 sites out there for your delectation: different waters/classical connection/white noise all offering essential (and many out of print) recordings and LPs for the price of a bit of patience at rapidshare. Cant say fairer than that!

John Eden with a exemplary rundown of the life and times of veteran saxon MC Asher Senator. Essential reading if (like me) you find it almost impossible to get your hands on old Fashion records, and (obv) didnt live in London during their heyday in the 80s/early 90s - not to mention the fact that I was only a likkle robot arm when this guy was at the peak of his powers. Anyone know if any of the Saxon crew are still about and cutting dubplates btw? I know Tippa Irie is out there - but what about Asher, Papa Levi and Smiley Culture?

The ever prolific Rambler comes correct with a link to this great choral mix (
Bit late on this for aforementioned reasons), which is something we were thinking of doing for a future shwantology edition, but its actually a relief to find that someone else has done such a technically competent and texturally rich set that we can enjoy without having to do any work! - great stuff.

Early 80's nu-romantic fans rejoice! They've only gone and mashed up Adam and the Ants with a bit of dancehall and come up with this infectiously catchy riddim. Vocal cuts include Beenie Man, Voicemail, Ce'cile, and a few new names like Cagney, Lady Junie, and Lady Posh (!). CD can be found here. Havent seen the 7"s yet.

Riddim Method fans - theres a bunch of sets from the recent tour to be found here. Not trying to steal anyones thunder (who me?), but Im not sure if these have been overlooked or just not noticed yet. DJ C's set is particularly tight and bouncing...

Well - I reckon thats it for now. Slug is tailgating me with an awesome post about our recent Beckett gig, so Id better clear the way for him...